I’ve had a full career in a variety of positions, and industries. My resume usually includes only the highlights, however I’ve actually worked a variety of jobs over the years, some part time and some full time and some as an independent contractor. This page includes most of the jobs I have held.

Some employers may be listed more than once if I held multiple positions at that employer, and a position may be listed more than once if I wore many hats in that role.


Includes roles were I was responsible for the company or a department within a company, and supervised employees, independent contractors and/or vendors.

  • President – WisTex Productions International
    • Oversee operations of the company and manage independent contractors & vendors.
  • Director – WisTex Solutions LLC
    • Oversee operations of the company.
  • Director – CaribbeanChoice.com Inc.
    • Oversee operations of the company, and work with web designers, vendors and partners.
  • Supervisor – HostGator.com LLC
    • Create vision and plan for the company’s knowledge base and supervise a team of technical writers.
  • Dispatcher – Takeout Taxi
    • Supervise delivery drivers in multiple delivery areas.
  • Assistant Front End Manager – The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P)
    • Assist in managing the cashiers and the front of the store.

Internet / Web

Includes roles were I primarily dealt with internet or web related applications, which often included building or modifying web pages, creating content and administering websites.

  • Consultant – WisTex Productions International
    • Create initial concepts, and build websites for the company and for customers.
  • System Administrator – CaribbeanChoice.com Inc.
    • Responsible for the websites, server, content and revenue streams.
  • Information Systems Specialist – Geophysical Development Corporation
    • Created and maintained company website, and internal web-based tools.

Technical Writing / Course Creation / Videos

Includes roles where I created technical documentation, courses and/or videos to train employees or to assist customers.

  • Consultant – WisTex Productions International
    • Create content for knowledge bases, content websites, and online courses, on a variety of topics and a variety of websites.
  • Sr. Technical Communicator – HostGator.com LLC
    • Responsible for the company’s knowledge base, which was used by customers and support staff. Duties include writing content, creating videos, implementing a style guide, editing other technical writer’s work, and being a liaison with other departments.
  • Computer Operator – Texas Commerce Bank N.A.
    • Wrote and maintaned the Pulse Network Operator Manual which outlined policies and procedures to be followed by Computer Operators.

Education / Instructor

Includes roles where I trained employees and/or customers in group classes or one-on-one training.

  • Consultant – WisTex Productions International
    • Trained customers in a variety of technologies, including internet, website creation, Micrsoft Office, etc.
  • Information Systems Consultant – Unisys Corporation
    • Trained customers in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and proprietary systems.
  • Instructor – Reed Educational Services, LLC
    • Trained employees of a NASA Contractor in Cold Fusion.
  • Adjunct Instructor – Wharton County Junior College (WCJC)
    • Trained students in Microsoft Office, website technologies, and Cisco (CCNA). Some of the courses were for the Texas Workforce Commission.

Information Technology / Data Center

Includes roles where I worked in a data center with various technologies and systems.

  • Computer Operator – Geophysical Development Corporation
    • Operated Unix and Linux servers, tape drives and equipment.
  • Computer Operator – Chase Bank of Texas N.A. / Texas Commerce Bank N.A.
    • Operated Mainframe, Tandem, and Tape Silos. Monitored systems and helped troubleshoot issues internally or with other banks.
  • Operator – Computer Output Print & Internet (COPI)
    • Operated high speed printing equipment and digitized fonts.


Includes roles primarily in the financial arena, where I helped consumers or business with their financial needs.

  • Independent Agent – Ignite Payments Westheimer
    • Assist customers in accepting credit, debit and gift card payments online or in a brick-and-mortar establishment.
  • Financial Planner – Primerica
    • Assist customers with their retirement and saving needs.

Customer Service

Includes roles that primarily involved direct customer interaction with customers, providing support or services.

  • Junior Administrator – HostGator.com LLC
    • Assist customers with their web hosting issues via chat or telephone.
  • Customer Service Representative – Takeout Taxi
    • Take orders for customers wanting delivery of takeout.
  • Cashier – The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P)
    • Check out customers, accept payment and bag groceries.


Includes roles where my duties included keeping the office running and organized.

  • Office Assistant – Council of Ethnic Organizations at the University of Houston
    • Employed by the University of Houston to help manage the office for a large student group.

Delivery / Logistics

Includes roles involving delivery and logistics.

  • Dispatcher – Takeout Taxi
    • Responsible for dispatching drivers in multiple delivery areas simultaneously.
  • Driver – Takeout Taxi
    • Responsible for picking up food at participating restaurants, and delivering the food to customers.
  • Driver – Papa Johns
    • Responsible for making pizzas, and delivering them to customers.
  • Driver – Domino’s
    • Responsible for making pizzas, and delivering them to customers.