Areas of Expertise

While I have experience in a variety of areas through my years of experience, here are some of the areas of expertise that I excel at and am currently focusing on promoting.

Business & Technology

As a detail oriented person who can think outside the box, I am very good at noticing ways to improve things, whether it be a website, a product or service, or a business process.  I am also very good at thinking many steps ahead, evaluating possible outcomes of different actions.

Sometimes what is needed is a small change that results in unexpected gains, and sometimes it is a major shift in how things are done.  The goal is to get the most bang for the buck, and get the most benefits possible while minimizing disruptions to existing processes.

When making suggestions, I always take into account all the stakeholders, including the owners, investors, management, staff, customers, community and the environment, in order to come up with the best possible solution.

Knowledge & Information Management

In today’s organizations and in society in general, managing knowledge and information is one of the most important things to do.

Different types of information should be managed differently.  Some information can be created organically by staff and/or website visitors, while other content, such as policy items must go through a strict approval and review process. And some documentation, like technical documents are typically somewhere in between.

The goal is to manage knowledge so that the right information gets to the right people, and there is enough flexibility and incentive to keep it up to day, while maintaining necessary security.

I enjoy creating systems that help organizations manage data, and helping structure information on websites and internal systems.

Website Content & Technical Writing

Whether creating content myself, or leading a team of writers, videographers and web designers, I really enjoy creating websites and technical documentation.

What makes me so effective is that I go beyond the words on the page, and actively focus on the structure of the information, to make it easier to find and consume.

Ideally, any piece of content should be “skimmable” and someone should be able to tell if that piece of content has the information they need at a glace, while proving ample navigation and effective search to find related content.

I try to create content, and direct my team to create content, that is easy to find and consume.

Training & Education

I have always had the natural ability to learn something quickly, and then explain it to people.

I always try to teach concepts in addition to the how-to, because the steps are easily forgotten, while concepts are hard to forget once learned.  Someone who knows the concepts can figure it out or look it up, while someone who just knows the steps is lost as soon as they forget.

I am also not a big fan of wasting time and money, and try to focus on teaching the skills and information that are needs and desired.  No need to bore people with information they already know or will never use.  This is why I normally create customized and modular courses that focus on the results we are trying to accomplish.