Why I Created a Website about Me

What would move me to make a website solely about myself?  Is it ego?  Is it self-promotion?  Is it a declaration of self?  Is it something else?  A little bit of all of that, actually.

“What kind of “geek” are you, exactly?”

Most of my life, I have always served others and put others first, often neglecting myself in the process.  I have always tried to be humble, but over the past several years, I have realized that sometimes you have to promote yourself to get ahead.

I found that a lot of people really did not know what I do and what I am good at.  They knew I was some sort of “geek” but simply assumed that I fixed computers or was a programmer or something like that.

So instead of being offered jobs and gigs I am really good at, I would get offered things I don’t enjoy doing or am not a master at.  And when I did explain to people what I do, they always wanted samples.

So the perfect way to communicate what I do is create a website about it, complete with examples of my work and my philosophy on business.

Looking for Opportunities

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for new opportunities and clients.  Since people tend to look you up online when they are considering doing business with you, I felt that a website promoting myself would help me land the right deals.

Reputation as a Writer

As I fully embrace the author in me, there really is no better way to promote books and other content I create, than to make my own website.  This aspect of the website is purely promotional.  Hopefully you will like my content, and pick up a book or two.

As I write books, create courses, write articles, and create content, expect the highlights to appear here.  Complete with links to purchase them. 😉

A Reminder of Who I Am and How Far I Have Come

It also serves as a nice signpost for me, reminding me of where I am and where I am going.  A visual representation of me, who I am, and who I am becoming.

Keeping score by adding new achievements to my website turns life into a fun game, and when I get discouraged, I can look and see what I have accomplished, to give me a boost so I get me back up on my feet sooner.

Declaration of the Future

Like Babe Ruth pointing to the stands before his famous home run, this website also serves as a declaration of where I am going.  While this website does not include all of my projects, especially those not ready for prime time, there is space for them, that I will gladly fill when the time comes.

This website serves as a reminder of what I am building and why.

An Inspiration for Others

I am also hoping that my story will be an inspiration for others, to embrace their dreams and create the life they want, by declaring it and then taking action to achieve it.

Hopefully my journey, complete with my setbacks and my victories, will inspire others to make their lives better, and then share that with others.

A Jumping Point for Me

And all those links on the website do provide a nice jumping point for me.  A fast and easy way to get to the websites I frequent or am working on.  An added bonus.

My Humble Nature

All this talk about me is making me blush.

It is really about you and the world at large, and what we can do to make life better.  I am but one person, but together we can create great things.

Hopefully some of this will inspire you to do great things and make the world a better place.  And if I am able to help, I would be honored.

Thank you for visiting.