Coaching & Consulting

I have years of experience in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, focusing on how best to make a difference in people’s lives.

I am currently offering coaching and consulting in the following areas through my company WisTex.

Professional Website ReviewWebsite Review

I will review and evaluate your website or blog and provide suggestions on how to improve it from a variety of perspectives, including:

  • Visitor’s Perspective
  • Design, Structure & Content
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Your Goals for Your Website

Customer or Visitor Perspective

First we will look at your website from a potential customer’s or visitor’s point of view, and give a candid review of your site on what visitors may be thinking.

What is their first impression?  Why would they stay on or leave your website? Would they be willing to make a purchase?  Why or why not?

Your Goals for the Website

Next, if you provide your goals for the website,  we will look at how well the website achieves your own goals, and what can be done to help you achieve your goals.  (If you do not provide your specific goals, we will create some possible goals for you.)

Technical & Marketing Review

And finally we will take a look at your website from a more technical angle, looking at your branding, web design and social media.


I will use my years of experience to give you candid advice on your website or blog, facilitated by a list of evaluation points that I created for evaluating websites.

Special Offer

As a thank you for visiting my online portfolio, for a limited time, you can get a complete written review of your website or blog for $79 (Regular price $97).

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Success Coaching

Coming soon.

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