Examples of Written Work

As a writer, I have created a variety of content, some under my name, and some without a byline for my clients or employers.  Here is a small sampling of my work.

Since some of these examples are on websites I do not control, I included screen shots of some of the articles, in case they are later changed, moved or removed.


Tips for Marketing a Content Website (also on LinkedIn)

Some things you can do to help market a content website.

What I Want in a Mobile Maps App

Some of my suggestions for Google Maps and other mapping applications, some of which were adopted by Google after I sent the link to the article to Google Maps.

Why Mergers Fail: Biased Decisions & Corporate Politics

Insights into corporate politics after a merger or acquisition.

Jollibee Opens in Houston

An example of a restaurant review I wrote.

Why it is Possible for Everyone to be Wealthy (also on LinkedIn)

An article on how changing our mindset about money can create prosperity for ourselves and for the world.

Labeling the Purpose of Links in HTML could Reduce Link Spam

An example of a simple technical proposal.

Things Needed to Create a Great Website

An article giving an overview of what is needed for creating a great website.

Technical Writing

How to Embed Responsive YouTube Videos

An article I wrote for Complete Hosting Guide. Includes HTML and CSS markup within the article.

Why is my Website Down?

An article primarily targeted towards the less technical website owner.

What is an Uptime Guarantee?

An article I wrote for Complete Hosting Guide. An example of how to use formatting to draw attention to certain content.

What is PCI Compliance? (screenshot)

An article that I wrote for HostGator’s knowledge base & support portal.

SSL for Newbies (screenshot)

I created this entire section to help people understand what SSL is and how they can purchase it from HostGator.

What is an SSL / Secure Certificate? (screenshot)

Part 1 of the SSL for Newbies series of articles.

Important Things You Should Know Before Installing an SSL Certificate (screenshot)

Part 3 of the SSL for Newbies series of articles.

Why was my card declined? (screenshot)

This comprehensive article covers all the reasons why a card may declined.

Modifying an Account in WHM (screenshot)

An example of a typical how-to article.

Suspending / Unsuspending Accounts in WHM (screenshot)

Another example of a typical how-to article.

Managing Databases with Applications (screenshot)

An article I wrote for Bluehost’s support website.

Additional Articles

You can find more articles on various websites.