Entrepreneur, Educator, Author

scott-picture2Hi!  I’m Scott and welcome to my portfolio.

This is a little website about me and some of the things I am up to.  It gives a nice overview of the some of the projects I am involved in, examples of my work, and my areas of expertise.

It also serves as a nice jumping point for myself to use, with links to my projects, social media accounts, and other sites I visit regularly or want to remember.

If you would like to hire me and my team, or are just curious about what I am up to, check out the rest of the website.

My Expertise & Focus

I have years of experience with both large and small companies, and really enjoy the challenge of improving people’s lives and creating successful businesses.

Although I usually wear many hats, I tend to gravitate towards the following activities:

  • Business & Technology Consulting
  • Knowledge & Information Management
  • Web Content & Technical Writing
  • Training & Education

Examples of My Work

If you would like some examples of my work, feel free to visit the following pages:

Why You Should Work with Me

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My Projects & Websites

And finally, if you are curious about some of the projects and websites I am involved in, please see:

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