Testimonials & Recommendations

Some of my peers, clients and associates where kind enough to give me written recommendations, many of which are posted on my LinkedIn profile by the person themselves.  I thank them for their confidence in me, and am humbled by their kind words.


Patrick Pelanne
Senior Vice President – System Operations at Endurance International Group

Scott has done an exceptional job managing and updating our technical documentation here at HostGator. Throughout his tenure he has repeatedly shown the ability to create documentation which is easy to digest and appeals to our wide base of employees. He’s been a reliable asset to HostGator and we’re happy to have him.

October 31, 2012, Patrick managed Scott indirectly at HostGator.com LLC

Merilyn Fance
Owner, Breakthrough Seminar Group

Scott is very passionate about his work and is creative about finding solutions to challenging problems. He makes sure you are satisfied with the finished product and keeps his IT skills current.

March 27, 2012, Merilyn was Scott’s client

Robert Taylor
Founder at Faith Vision

Scott is committed to delivering his work with passion and excellence. He invests his-self fully into the role he plays in the organization. From my dealings and conversations with him, he is a voice is optimism, always bringing a great attitude to the workplace.

August 8, 2013, Robert worked with Scott at HostGator.com LLC

Brian Modansky
Creative Dude at WebHosting.coop

It has been an a true honor to work with Scott. I have worked with thousands of employees through HostGator’s history and have never come across anyone with as much integrity as Scott. Scott’s work ethic exemplifies what it means to lead by example. I have met and seen many leaders rise within organizations in the online industry and none of them have showed as much potential for greatness as Scott. Don’t take last sentence lightly.

He won’t admit this to you but he would just tell you he is doing his job. He is secretly a business genius with unstoppable drive. The wise will understand once you met Scott. He eats, thinks, and sleeps trying to think of ways to help his work, life, and aid society. When Scott is put in the right position he is able to dominate projects, stay consistent, be trusted with deadlines, and can provide vital advice which can dramatically impact an organizations moral, wisdom, and bottom line.

Scott inspires others to work hard by raising the bar each time. He always advocates innovative ideas and always tries to stay one step ahead every time. Any company who is lucky enough to have Scott working for them will vastly improve. What an amazing employee. Thanks for inspiring me Scott. I’ll stand beside you in battle anytime.

January 28, 2013, Brian managed Scott indirectly at HostGator.com LLC

Teneil Matthews
Senior Technical Writer at Hostgator.com

When I had the opportunity to work with Scott at HostGator, he demonstrated exceptional skills as a technical communicator and managing editor for the company knowledge base. He contributed thorough, well-written articles and documentation that were well-researched and geared toward increasing customer understanding of complex, technical issues. He also implemented a cohesive style across the entire knowledge base which made content easily accessible from a visual standpoint. As a team leader, Scott provided valuable guidance to the knowledge management team and showed a constant desire to improve the quality of content and overall functionality of the knowledge base.

August 17, 2013, Teneil reported to Scott at HostGator.com LLC

May M
Education | Web Development & Design | Motion Media

Scott is an epitome of diligent research and hands on testing and validity for the web content development. He is the person behind the development of indispensable knowledge base – support portal and video tutorials for Hostgator.com.

It is a constant learning process and privilege working with him.

December 18, 2012, May worked indirectly for Scott at HostGator.com LLC

Seán Connolly
Linux Administrator Supervisor at HostGator.com

Scott has always been great to work with, and invaluable in keeping our support team on the same page with his articles and documentation.

November 1, 2012, Seán worked with Scott at HostGator.com LLC

Matthew Johnson
Web Designer at Hostgator.com

Scott has an amazing attention to detail and is very thorough in documenting and keeping our Knowledge base up to date at Hostgator. He is attentive to the needs of each department and works with them on making sure their procedures and policies are up to date.

He saw a need in our company and has worked at it to improve the resources available to everyone at Hostgator.

October 24, 2012, Matthew worked with Scott at HostGator.com LLC

Dan Brumbaugh
Sr. System Administrator at SingleHop

As a part of my management role in Customer Support, well informed clients are essential to the success of our department. Scott does a stellar job of managing all the variables involved to keep the customer information system current and setting proper expectations. It’s a pleasure and an honor to work with him.

July 2, 2012, Dan worked with Scott at HostGator.com LLC

Peter Nguyen
System Administrator, Document Archivist at Precision Products Inc. and Linux Live Support Supervisor at HostGator LLC

Scott Stolz is a highly capable individual who has a knack on not only being thorough, but also presents information in a very systematic and understandable order. His skill sets are invaluable!

June 26, 2012, Peter managed Scott indirectly at HostGator.com LLC

Christopher Wallace
Social Media Coordinator at HostGator.com LLC

Scott is an excellent technical writer with a superb grasp of information architecture. He did wonders for our vast knowledge base, implementing much needed improvements, especially to navigation and organization. He was always helpful and quick to assist with urgent changes when they couldn’t wait. His excellent knowledge of policy was a great asset in helping to shape a system for new policy development as well. I can heartily recommend Scott for his technical and language skills, plus his ability to help shape policy procedures.

August 19, 2013, Christopher worked with Scott at HostGator.com LLC

H. Roice Nelson, Jr.
Finder / President at Walden 3-D, Inc. / Dynamic Resources Corporation

Among other things, Scott was responsbile for Geokinetics web pages and always did a good job of getting things I requested set up when he said he would.

October 24, 2012, H. Roice worked directly with Scott at Geophysical Development Corporation (GDC)