Channel Apps

A Social Platform

This website is powered by Hubzilla and Neuhub, a decentralized social platform that is compatible with ActivityPub and Mastodon.

Hubzilla is very flexible software, allowing you to host your own social media instance, like this website, or host a public hub with multiple users, or create a website with built-in community and decentralized social media features.

Neuhub is a set of themes, addons and widgets that can be added to Hubzilla to enhance your experience, and make it easier to build community websites.

Is this a blog, social media account, or a website?


Or to be more specific, it is all three, in a way. Hubzilla is pretty flexible. If I post here, it appears on this website, but will also be sent to my followers on various decentralized social media platforms.

If I post longer posts, it looks more like a blog. If I post medium sized posts, it's more like Facebook. If I post short posts, it's like Twitter or Mastodon. And since I can add custom web pages, like this page, Hubzilla can also be used to create website content.

Federation & Compatibility

Hubzilla is able to use a variety of protocols to talk to other hubs (instances) in the fediverse, which is a loose connection of decentralized social platforms that can all talk to one another.

Hubzilla can talk to other Hubzilla instances through the Zot6 protocol, and can talk to Stream instances through the Nomad protocol. If you wish to connect to ActivityPub-enabled websites, the PubCrawl addon allows you to interact with Mastodon, Nextcloud, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Pleroma, and more.

For example, with ActivityPub enabled, Hubzilla users can follow accounts and reply to posts from Mastodon, and Mastodon users can follow channels and comment on posts from Hubzilla.